Sunday, September 4, 2011

Solar panels - so far so good

We had Solar panels with the M215 enphase microinverters (total of 8 @ 230 watts each) installed on our roof last week:

Let me examine the behavior over the next month before I provide a reference to the installers. Look for an update to this blog post by the end of September to get that information.

At this point, I wanted to say that it seems to be working well, so far. Here is a chart of our daily kWH usage:

We were away on vacation (to the East Coast) in early August. You can see the dip in our energy usage during the time we were away. The Solar panels were activated on Monday, August 29th. The immediate impact of the panels is apparent on the chart to the right. Next week, the installers have said that they will provide an Enphase Envoy which will give us information on the energy generated on a daily basis. When I update this blog post at the end of September, I will include this information as well.

Please post any questions you may have in the comments section (except for "How much does this cost?" - I will include that information when I provide an update in the end of September)