Thursday, January 28, 2010

Micello Indoor Maps now available ...

The Micello Indoor Maps application is now available for download from the iTunes AppStore. We wanted to wait until v1.0 to provide a rich experience to our users. Once you download the app, you will agree that it was worth the wait.

We have started receiving some good reviews:
Recently when Google announced Nexus One, they showed navigation to IKEA. We wanted to show that you could go into IKEA with the Micello App. The idea was not to misrepresent that the Micello App is available on Android, but to inform that Micello is extending the navigation metaphor to "Go Inside". Here is the video:

Here are a few unique features in the App:

  • The only app that provides your location on a map that is not an outdoor map. We are able to do this because our maps are more than just "pretty pictures". They are accurate and are geo-coded. In the above picture, the blue-dot indicates the user's position inside the community.
  • The maps are personalized and interactive - so you can set your own favorites (the yellow entites above are this user's favorites)
  • The maps provide iPod Touch users a rich experience by doing intelligent caching and not requiring a data connection all the time
  • Multi-level communities are handled intuitively - with a "stair icon" to navigate between levels using a thumbnail sketch of the level
There are even more unique features. I will save that for the next post.

If you own and iPhone/iPod touch, download the app and give it a spin - even if there are no maps for communities in your neighborhood. You can experience the interface and then give us feedback on the maps that you would like to see become available.


BeautyGuru said...

One company that does have iPhone AND Android apps for indoor maps is Point Inside.

MangoKulfi said...

I saw BeautyGuru's post and decided to checkout PointInside. And what a let down! I was hoping to see maps and I saw a bunch of JPGs.