Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows, Part I

We are a family of "Potterites" - I am sure like many others out there. We have contributed to Ms. Rowling's billions by purchasing the books, watching the movies and owning the DVDs/Blu-ray. We have, therefore, followed the orphan Harry from his cupboard, beneath the stairs of his uncle Vernon's house on Privet drive, to the heights of Hogwarts. I must say that we have enjoyed seeing the young wizard on his missions in preparation for the inevitable battle against the Dark Lord, Voldemort. The movies have turned out to be just as engrossing - doing justice to the larger than life productions and respectful to the book. That is, until this latest one. The biggest challenge in it is not whether Harry and his friends find the remaining horcruxes, but for the audience to sit through the movie.

I am sure the producers are wringing their hands over the choking of this cash cow - since Ms. Rowling chose to end the series with the seventh book. So, the marketing geniuses at Warner decided to stretch the last book into two parts. Now, they had to fill Part I with enough material. As a result, instead of scooting through, the movie wanders aimlessly in the middle in the pretext of Harry and Hermoine not-knowing-what-to-do-except-to-curse-Dumbledore-for-not-leaving-enough-clues.

The one bright spot in this movie is Emma Watson. Hermoine has a much bigger role here than any of the previous movies. She steps up and delivers - even in those boring tent scenes where the three teens are lost in the woods (along with their audience, I must add).

I am sure this review will not dissuade other "Potterites" from seeing the movie. Harry, Ron and Hermoine have given them much pleasure over the last 13 years and deserve their faithful company for one more visit - even if this one is long and boring.

I am also certain that us "Potterites" will see Part II when it comes out in July 2011 - so Warner does come out ahead, after all. However, no amount of magic potion can revive the ennui that sets in this yarn.

PS: Ironically, at Micello, we mapped out Hogwarts in preparation for the release of this movie. Turned out that Hogwarts is not featured in the movie :) Nevertheless, the map is available ...

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