Thursday, August 1, 2013

Homage to a Departed Soul

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I write this with a heavy heart and deep sadness. The kindest person that I have known is no more. On Monday, July 29 my mother, Mrs. Sharada Krishnamoorthy left for a heavenly abode. She was feeling unwell for a few days – which is not unusual in and of itself. She was certainly not in the pink of her health. She would have her good days and her bad days – certainly not unexpected for a 73-year old. Which is why her sudden passing due to a pulmonary cardiac arrest was so unexpected and a complete shock.

She had three passions in her life:
  •  Family / Children / Grandchildren
  •  Music and art
  •   Devotion and Religion
As it happened, she was able to “check off” all three passions in the last few months:
  • She spent time in North America with her children for the last few months culminating in a family reunion that we had in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
  • She rushed back from California to be able to attend a “thread ceremony” function – where she was able to meet the extended family
  • This was immediately followed by her attending the “Thiruppugazh Aanmeeka Peruvizha” (Special function for "Tiruppugazh Anbargals") in Chennai
She passed the way she wanted. Her God granted her that wish. She did not want a long and protracted illness. She did not want to be a “burden” on anyone. She has, nonetheless, left a void in our lives - a void that is going to be hard to fill.

A Facebook Page has been created for you to share your remembrance of her. Please add your respects / remembrances / condolence to


Deepak Bhagat said...

Hi Prakash,

Sorry to hear of your and your family's loss. May GOD bless her soul and give strength to you and your family to cope with your loss.
take care and regards to your family members.


Radhika Padmanabhan said...

They are the lucky ones who leave on their terms. It will take the rest of us a long while to comprehend, reconcile and get over our grief at their unexpected departure. May GOD give you and family the strength to carry on the legacy she's left behind.

- radhika

Ganapathy Natarajan said...

the background itself shows that she will be evergreen in our memory we shall cherish her presence whenever thirupugazz is chanted
may her soul rest in peace

Vivek Vyas said...

our prayers

Vivek Vyas