Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yet another loss to Cancer

We learned of yet another tragic loss to Cancer earlier this evening when we were informed of the passing of cousin Mohan's spouse, Radhika. I certainly hope this is the last time I will have to write about losing a close relative / friend to Cancer. Radhika's battle with cancer was long and protracted. Each time there was hope that she was going into remission, the doctors would discover a recurrence in an altogether new area. Yet, through all of this, Radhika would stay positive. Many times, during our phone conversations, she would be the one offering words of encouragement - saying, "Arre, Yeh Kuch nahin hai. Sab teek ho jayega" (This is nothing. Soon, it will all become good)

Radhika was so full of life in everything that she undertook - whether it was getting the children of Chicago to perform in a dance program that she choreographed or participating in a dance program herself. Her smiling countenance would fill every room that she walked into. She would somehow find a way to uplift you with her vibrant conversation and bright smile. Radhika would find something positive in every situation. You will be missed, Radhika - not just by your young children and spouse, but by larger group of family and friends that you have left behind. Most certainly, your passing has relieved you of the pain and suffering caused by this deadly disease. However, there is a huge void that you have left behind which will be hard to fill. May your soul rest in peace.

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