Friday, June 5, 2009

Rajeev Motwani

It was with total shock that I read about the demise of Rajeev Motwani. I have known Rajeev since the time he graduated from IIT Kanpur. Every one knows Rajeev for his academic excellence, his brilliance and his mentoring of many start ups in the valley - including Google and Paypal. Not many knew that he was a warm, caring and compassionate person. 

It was only two weeks back that I exchanged email with him to set up a meeting with him about my startup. He had responded saying that he was busy with "classes and stuff at Stanford until the end of May." I was going to set up some time to meet him in June after JavaOne.

Unfortunately, this meeting will never happen. It is a shame to lose a luminary like him at such a young age. The world has lost a true thinker, an excellent source of inspiration and a great human being. 

May your soul Rest In Peace, Rajeev.

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