Saturday, July 18, 2009

Golden Moments Book

On the occasion of the Golden Wedding Anniversary of our parents, we published a book and presented it to them. Called, "Golden Moments", it captures the recollections from the extended family. There are a limited number of copies of the print edition and these have already been spoken for. When we showed the book to folks, many of them appreciated the effort and wanted a copy for themselves. They even wanted to create a similar book. An online version of the book (with more pictures than the print version) is now available. You can now download and read the book yourself. [Note: The earlier download link had limited bandwidth. As a result, I have additionally made the book available at this location.] Be warned that it is a 90-page book and the file size is 50+Mb. A picture of the cover of the book is shown here. In order to get the contributions for the book, I created a public wiki site on and created a page for each contributor. This allowed for asynchronous, collaborative contributions. Given that the writers were from different parts of the world, this is the only way that this project could be pulled off.

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Microbiologist Mom said...

Amazing job Prakash! We may use your model to compile the experiences from our teachers and graduate fellows over the past 3 years.
Tony Farone